Bathrooms are the unsung heroes of the home. While definitely one of the more, um, utilized spaces, when it comes to design they can often be overlooked.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Just ask the design duo Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Beverly Hills-based studio Life.Style. The two were tasked with designing four bathrooms in a Hancock Park home and the results are pretty magical.

Drawing inspiration from the Spanish-style infrastructure and industrial finishes, the bathrooms are nothing short of inspiring. We asked the designers to dish out their pro tips on how you can make your bathroom the best room in your house. Whether that’s enlisting the help of oversized mirrors to upping the ante on your current bath products — get ready, we see a lot more bathroom breaks in your future.

Decorative Tile
The designers suggest taking the time to find tile that is original and true to your style. You can always customize to ensure no one has the same pattern as you. Also, think about adding the pattern to small space (like part of the shower wall) in the bathroom first, and then expanding from there.
Mirror, Mirror
Add mirrors that have an interesting or creative shape. You want the piece to be the focal point and really make a statement, like this wooden oval one pictured.
Lights On
“Lighting is the jewelry of your space,” says Wollack and Zwickl. Be sure to choose impactful fixtures that make sense for the size of the room, but still feel creative.
Rub A Dub
Looking for a way to update your bathroom? Free standing bathtubs are having a moment right now. It’s a great way to make your room feel modern and chic.
Paint It Black
Don’t be afraid to paint your small bathroom walls black. Add an oversized mirror to capture the natural light and it will transform your space into a cool, moody haven.
Unique Shower Doors
Get rid of the old shower curtain and make a statement with custom steel shower doors. Original and timeless!
Artisan Accessories
Lift your space’s style by sprinkling towel racks and counters with artisan accessories. Think hand towels and bath rugs that add a curated, global touch.
Luxe Apothecary
Choose minimalistic and natural products that also double as decor. For example, swap out your bubblegum pink sponge for a sea sponge. Aesop products are also great, they’re all natural and a great way to update any counter.
Exposed Plumbing
A big bathroom trend these days? Less cabinetry and more open standing fixtures. According to Wollack and Zwickl, be sure to choose a beautiful finish that adds definition to the space. Their favorite finishes are brass, matte black, and polished nickel.
Plant It
The best way to add zest into the room? Greenery, of course! Wollack and Zwickl suggest an arrangement of succulents, a birds of paradise plant, or ficus elastic — it adds depth and a green element to your bathroom.
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