My wife and I love doing escape rooms so much that I even proposed in one! If you love them too, or are curious to try one, I recommend these TOP 6! Have fun and good luck!


According to Wikipedia, an escape room is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms. Escape rooms are inspired by “escape-the-room“–style video games.


60out Escape Rooms


The story begins when your granny suddenly disappears without notice. No one has a clue where she is, but one day you come across a letter in which your grandmother reveals a secret about her inheritance. All you have to do is to go into her house and find it — simple, right? We’ll see about that.

RESERVATIONS: (310) 478-4444

7270 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA



Escape Chronicles


You and your fellow participants have voluntarily agreed to participate in Bentham Laboratories’ latest study. Professor Bentham and his helpful assistant PAL will lead you through a series of tests all in the name of scientific progress! Do you and your team have what it takes to outsmart the professor and his creations?

This room has a comedic tone, and is never scary. It is a puzzle heavy room that allows groups to split up. It is perfect for groups that have a sense of humor, and are looking for challenging puzzles.

RESERVATIONS: (323) 905-4422

5503 Cahuenga Blvd. #101
North Hollywood, CA 91601




Countdown Escapes


Welcome to the island’s newest resort. Your weekend of fun and relaxation will have to be put on hold. You will have to frantically find a way to appease the goddess of volcanoes so that she might let you flee the resort before she covers the island in burning hot lava. Do you have what it takes to overcome her test of fire?

RESERVATIONS: (747) 333-8886

2284 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90007



Maze Rooms


The Magic Kingdom: a place of wonder where all things are possible and magic is real. Join this fairytale adventure and save the Magic Kingdom before time runs out, and the magic is gone forever.

RESERVATIONS: (310) 595-2881

132 S. Vermont Ave. Unit 204
Los Angeles, CA



Evil Genuis


Bill Occam was dead. They said it was open-shut: textbook suicide. While you didn’t agree, hyou just wanted to put this nasty chapter behind you. Just clean out his apartment and move on with your life.

The hallway seemed never-ending. To most people, it was just another hallway leading to another rundown apartment. To you, well, you might as well be falling down the rabbit hole. You stand frozen outside of his door as a feeling of dread washes over you. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF,” you think. You steel yourself and open the door …

RESERVATIONS: (323) 402-0975

2525 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018



Enigma Escape Rooms


After the apparent suicide of a wealthy British industrialist the family is out on a hunt for his mysterious will. The deceased left a cryptic note that gives reason to believe that his death could not have been self inflicted. The key to the truth is concealed within his will but he made certain it would be well protected. There is only one place to look for it- the dead man’s study. The only obstacle- there is an unpleasant surprise that awaits those who embark on the mission to find it. Are you ready for the challenge?

RESERVATIONS: (323) 770-3101

7805 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046


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