The Best Firework Spots in L.A.

Find out where to see the biggest and best 4th of July fireworks shows, no matter where you are in L.A. Independence Day isn’t complete without 4th of July fireworks, those patriotically loud, colorful explosions in the night sky. After a a day at one of the  best beaches in L.A., cooling off with the … Continued

Red Day: What is it?

MAY 10, 2018 What is Red Day? RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is our annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, we celebrate RED Day as a part of our legacy worth leaving. Making a difference in the lives of others and bettering the communities that we serve lies at the … Continued

The Spartan Race!

I’m excited to be participating in the Spartan Race for the first time! The Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. They are held in over 30 countries all over the world. The Spartan Mission: Spartan is more than a race; it’s a way of … Continued

HVAC Safety Tips

Heating and cooling safety issues are often overlooked when your system is running properly. If something went wrong, would you and your family know how to handle it? What safety measures should you have in place for protecting your family when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system? Check out the safety tips … Continued

More Homebuyers Are Looking for Walkable Communities

According to a new survey from the National Association of REALTORS®, 53 percent of Americans would prefer to live in communities containing houses with small yards but within an easy walking distance of the community’s amenities rather than living in communities with houses that have large yards but they have to drive to all amenities. … Continued