You just received a call that one of your friends is on their way to your house. What do you do? Of course, you jump into action and switch to clean mode. Magazines are tidied, dishes are placed in the dishwashers, and you may even light a candle. Your goal is to make your home welcoming to your guest. When you’re selling a house, the same focus needs to be applied. Your house should be show ready at a moment’s notice. Sound impossible? Check out these tips for making the process easier when you’re staging your house to sell.

Front House CAStart Outside

People are driving by your house all day long. Don’t just rely on the for sale sign in the yard to grab their attention. Spend some time creating an appealing entrance to your property. Grab their attention as they are entering the area and entice them into venturing inside for a closer look at your home.


  • Mow the lawn and keep it trimmed neatly. Remove any clean-up debris.
  • Refresh the bedding in flowerbeds and keep them weeded.
  • If your flowerbeds are drab, add some fresh color with a few new plants.
  • Clean the siding and any scuff marks on the outside finish of the house.
  • Remove any stains and marks from the driveway and sidewalk.
  • Use outside decorations sparingly. Pack away extras that could be distracting.
  • Secure toys and bicycles out of sight.
  • Fill in any holes in the ground.
  • Have a professional take care of any insect nests such as bee hives, wasp nests, or other dangerous pests.
  • Place outdoor furniture in conversation settings.

Kitchens Sell Homes

Watch any home improvement show on television, and you’ll soon see how important a kitchen is when selling a house. You don’t need to remodel or renovate your entire kitchen in most cases. Just do your best to maximize the potential of that space.

  • Deep clean the entire kitchen and include above the cabinets, under the sink, and the area where appliances meet other surfaces.
  •  Check the refrigerator drip pan, make sure there are no clogs, and clean that area.
  • Look for dim lightbulbs and replace any that need attention.
  • Store cleaning supplies and remove other items from around the sink.
  • Cabinets and pantries that are organized by type, color, and size look impressive to potential home buyers.
  • Pack away your extensive themed collections. You want the buyer to see themselves in your kitchen, but your love of pigs could be distracting.
  • Make sure your table is the proper size for the space. Add a rug underneath to create an appealing area.
  • Add a simple vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit to the counter.

Living Room Appeal

Living Room StagePeople spend a lot of time in their living rooms. Your living room should draw potential buyers in and help them envision their own household enjoying that space.

  • Pack away family photographs, collections, and anything that someone may find offensive.
  • Store valuables and weapons elsewhere.
  • Furniture that sits against the wall can make a room look small. Move it away from the wall to create a larger looking room.
  • Natural light is appealing. Wash window treatments and clean windows. If you have an amazing view, show it off!
  • Secure electrical cords neatly around televisions and entertainment systems.
  • Clean lamps and ceiling fans.
  • A vase of vibrant colored flowers or a soft glowing candle add just the right touch of elegance to a room.

Bedrooms & Closets

Keep in mind that people will be exploring every single inch of your house. They will open drawers, check closets, and peek inside closed doors. Have the area ready for their investigative glances.

  • Consider renting a storage facility to store items you normally keep in closets.
  • This is a good time to sort through clothes and remove items you no longer need.
  • Leave nothing on the closet floors, including shoes.
  • Closets that are organized by color and style are just as impressive as kitchen cabinets done the same way.
  • Use the same kind of hangers for your closets.
  • Wipe down closet shelves.
  • Remove any valuables and have them in a secure location.
  • Remove any items that could be embarrassing to you or a potential buyer.
  • Consider painting brightly colored bedrooms to a more neutral color.

This is just a sample of things that you can do when staging your house. Your real estate agent is your best source for information on the home selling process. Give Brad Gilboe a call today (1-818-632-2296) to discuss selling your house.

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